Monday, February 6, 2012

The summers die one by one

The summers die one by one, so do shows. Let's take a look at those beautiful memories of the shows I've seen to close in Finland.

Ever since the day I started to go to watch the musicals often I've said goodbye to two brilliant shows. And on Saturday I must say goodbye to one of my favorite shows.

On 15th of January 2011 I saw Wicked in Helsinki city theatre. On 14th of May I said goodbye. It was great show with lovely improvising. I will keep the memory of the show in my heart.
I remember how the actresses cried. I remember how Tuukka Leppänen, who played Fiyero, said "You've been in Glinda's samba school" and how amazing it was to see the whole audience standing. The last show of Wicked is something I don't want to forget. Because the show changed me for the better.

On 8th of December I said farewells to Helsinki city theatre's production of Next to Normal. I liked the show and it helped me to understand who I am and what I want. Even though I think the setting and translation weren't the best ones ever, I will memorize the show. It made me really like Petrus Kähkönen as an actor (he is good!).
I liked the show when I saw it for the first time. On 8th it was my second time seeing it and it wasn't as good as I remembered. Maybe it was because it was emotional for the cast, but singing didn't amaze me like before. Still I will remember the show, because from now on I will not be the invisible girl.
And I cannot wait to see the Finnish-Swedish version of Next to Normal next autumn in Vaasa!

On Saturday, the 11th of February, I will say goodbye to Åbo Svenska Teater's production of Les Misérables. I've seen the show for two times now and after the last show I've seen it more times than any other musical. I discovered the beauty of Les Mis in last May. I saw the show on 19th of November for the first time. And I just loved it. It's more than amazing - it's almost PERFECT. The cast is awesome, I like the setting, there are no weak links.
And being the fan of this production has been an amazing adventure. Starting with an amazing friendship, ending to the fan letters and e-mails from a actress from the cast. And I will tell everything about that adventure on Sunday after the end of it.

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