Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Every day you walk with stronger step

You are very welcome to my musical blog. I'm planning to write this in three languages, not every single post but some of them. I think that I will translate the most important ones to Swedish. Mostly I will write in English but I guess it can't be helped that I'm from Finland, so I will write also in Finnish.

What am I going to write? About musicals? Yes. A post for every single musical thing I hear? No. I think I will write about my musical obsessions, my visits to theatres, reviews of the shows I see and some rants about the things which are irritating me. And everything is about musicals, of course!

About me? I'm soon seventeen years old girl who lives in Finland. I mostly see Finnish versions of musicals but I've visited West End once (and planning to go again!).
My musical obsession started in 2007 when I saw The Phantom of the Opera movie. I've been a big phan since the end of 2006 and after seeing the movie I started to love musicals. I saw the stage musical of  POTO in 2010 and after that I've been in love with stage musicals. But I guess I will tell about my musical history in some post.

What is coming next? I guess I will make a post about the last show of the Finnish-Swedish production of Les Misérables and my journey with it.

And sorry for my typos - I make them a lot. In every single language.


  1. Enemmän blogeja - parempi elämä!
    Itse hylkäsin lopulta normiblogini musikaaliblogin tieltä, tosin. But that's just me. :D

    1. No, saa nyt nähdä hylkäänkö minä nnoramiblogini, mutta ainakaan en enää heitä sinne musikaalimerkintöjä. :D

  2. Looking forward to reading your musical theatre related blog entries! :)